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Manual Osteopathic Therapy is a gentle non-invasive hands-on therapy that focuses on bringing the body’s structure and function back to a state of whole body health.

Through an examination and hands-on assessments each session with the practitioner, dysfunctional patterns are recognized that reside in the body causing structural and functional disruptions that may present as 'pain' or dis-ease in the body. These disruptions are addressed through various and specific Manual Osteopathic therapy techniques.

Techniques may include assisting the body to balance via musculoskeletal restrictions (skeletal and muscle), joint and fascial mobilizations aiding in releasing joints by engaging with soft tissues and fascial/visceral manipulation to assist the body to increase range of motion along with Myofascial remodeling that allows the release of fascial restriction/adhesion to increase circulation. Lymphatic techniques aid to enhancing fluid flow releasing congested toxic areas to improve immunity and cranial techniques to improve the Primary Respiratory Mechanism which includes mobility of cranial bones, skeletal structures, meninges (connective tissues), central nervous system and circulation of all fluids. Visceral techniques aid in increasing mobility and motility (function) of the organs of the body.

The goal of Manual Osteopathic Therapy is to restore health and balance by assessing and working with the imbalances that reside within the structures and functions of the body having an appreciation that the body works as a single unit, the body has an innate ability to heal itself, the musculoskeletal structures impacts function and the body has self-governing means.

Manual Osteopathic Therapy is a gentle therapy appropriate for a wide variety of people including pre- and post-natal women, newborns, young children, adults and the elderly.

Practice members seek Manual Osteopathic Therapy care for many different symptoms including pain, fatigue, stress and related difficulties. Practice members are also interested in improving their overall wellbeing.

What is Manual osteopathy therapy?

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a manual therapy primarily focused on the innervation of the feet and sometimes other areas of the body. The correlation of reflexes in the feet to organs and tissues within the body. A reflexology session allows for deep relaxation, healing and promotion of the mind, body and soul connection. 

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Kelc and Wellness at PFC

Manual Osteopathic Therapy focuses on the health in your system and facilitating the body to heal itself.

After a series of sessions many practice members may notice an improvement in their systems such as:

-Neck and back pain and tension
-Sports injuries
-Injuries from car accidents
-Repetitive strain injuries
-Joint or muscle pain
-Digestive, respiratory or menstrual/reproductive causes
-Pre and post-natal support
-Increased circulation
-Hormonal balance
-Improved posture

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Manual Osteopathic Therapy

During a foot reflexology session, the practitioner is primarily focused on the innervation of the feet. The correlation of reflexes in the feet to organs and tissues within the body. 

Foot Reflexology


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