Here at PFC, we have a different approach to care than some offices. In our space we focus on checking and positively assisting your nervous system and body via the Chiropractic adjustment! The Nervous system is essentially our bodies master control system. Our health depends on an optimally functioning nervous system that is communicating properly with all of our bodily functions to maintain good health and thrive in our daily lives. A vertebral subluxation is a self-perpetuating, central segmental motor control problem that involves a joint, such as the joints in your spine, that are not moving appropriately. This results in ongoing maladaptive neuroplastic changes that interfere with the nervous system’s ability to self-regulate, self-organize, adapt, repair and heal (The Rubicon Group, May 2017). Subluxations are common and occur often due to the physical, chemical and emotional stress we experience in daily life compromising our bodies communication lines. Chiropractor's are the only trained professionals to specifically analyze, locate, and correct these interferences, via the Chiropractic adjustment, to restore the neurological connection and assist our bodies in-born innate ability to heal and function at it's best. 


Since we all experience physical, chemical, and emotional stress and trauma throughout our lives, everyone from newborn to 100+ years of age is suitable for Chiropractic care.

who should see a chiropractor? 

We are always thankful for referrals from colleagues, friends, family and our fellow health care professionals; however, referrals are not necessary for care as Chiropractors are primary health care providers. 

do i need a referral for chiropractic care?

Healing takes time and repetition in order to correct the underlying nerve dysfunction. We recommend regular Chiropractic care over a period of time to steadily facilitate healing and correction. Most people choose to continue on their Chiropractic care on a regular basis once their initial care plan is complete to continue maintain the spinal health they have achieved and to continue to function at their best possible! 

why do we create care plans?

Chiropractors adjust the body; they do not "crack" you. Although, the ‘crack’ noise that you may hear is not significant or equivalent to the adjustment. The noise you hear is just gas equalizing inside the joint chamber just like when you pull a suction cup off a window or when you crack your knuckles. It has nothing to do with the neurological effect of an adjustment. Sometimes you get the noise and sometimes you will not hear anything at all! We check before and after the adjustment whether the input has had a neurological significance and positive impact on any area that is causing nerve interference. Our Chiropractor has a variety of techniques and skill sets in his toolbox to adapt and change to each individual person. Some techniques release joints manually and some involve lighter instruments or touch-and-hold inputs where no noise is to be expected. Self-adjustments or ‘cracks’ to the body are not specific and not recommended. Often they can provide only a temporary relief, and often even worse they can weaken or immobilise your joints.

What is the ‘crack’ during the adjustment? 

Absolutely! We see the whole family! Adjustments are VERY different for children than adults - they are specific and are very gentle! Chiropractors are trained in paediatric assessment and adjusting and have immense care for children and their development. During the appointment, we will walk you and your child through every step of the journey.

Can my child and newborn see a chiropractor?


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