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Chiropractic care is not the treatment of conditions, symptoms or disease; rather the purpose of the Chiropractic adjustment it is to help assist, restore and maintain overall normal body function!

Here at PFC, we work with your nervous system by analyzing your spine for any areas of dysfunction, then we provide gentle, specific adjustments to remove any interference related to the brain-body connection. After all, every single one of the systems in the human body depend on the optimal function of the brain and nervous system. 

Your body's inborn innate intelligence allows you to self-heal, self-regulate, and adapt to every single moment of your life. Pain, symptoms, lack of ease or other alarm signals in our bodies occur when the body's natural ability to adapt to life is interrupted or interfered with. Chiropractors call the areas of interference or interrupted communication pathways, subluxation.

Subluxations are common and occur as a physiological response to the physical, chemical, emotional and electromagnetic stressors which we experience in everyday life, which may compromise the function of our bodies communication lines. 

Chiropractors are the only trained professionals to identify and remove subluxations through safe, specific, and controlled impulses (called 'adjustments'), which are applied to different areas of your body, primarily a joint of the spine, so that the brain can be better aware of the body and restore the nervous system's ability to heal and function properly. Healing and strengthening our nervous system takes time, commitment and patience.  

What is chiropractic care?


Dr. Kurtis Fischer D.C. 

Dr. Jacy Rainer D.C. 

Nervous System Centred Chiropractic 

The nervous system is our body's master control system. Our health depends on an optimally functioning nervous system that is communicating properly with all of our bodily functions to prevent disease, maintain good health, and thrive in our daily lives. A vertebral subluxation is an area in the spine that is causing interference to the messages being sent from the brain, down the spinal cord, throughout the nervous system, and back to the brain.

Subluxations are common and occur often due to the physical, chemical, and emotional stress we experience everyday in life which can compromise nerve flow.

Nervous system centred Chiropractors adjust the spine to remove these nerve interferences. This helps restore proper function, brain-body nerve flow communication, and facilitate your body’s inborn ability to self heal to its optimal potential. 

OUR services 

Our team at PFC utilizes innovative Chiropractic technology in addition to the Chiropractic adjustment to be able to assist in assessing your current level of health. Abnormal and normal function in your nervous system is picked up on the scans. If normal nerve function is interrupted, it can further health problems in your overall body.

Your nervous system sends signals to communicate with every single one of the trillions of cells that make up your body. Whether those cells tell your heart to beat or your lungs to breathe, those signals must be travelling between the brain and body at its greatest potential possible in order for us to be and function at our healthiest. 

Each practice member at our practice undergoes a series of neurological scans so we can track how well their nervous system is coping with the stresses of everyday life. This technology creates accurate, scientifically backed, and objective data that helps give you confidence in the recommendations for your health.

The scanning technology uses a combination of tools such as thermal scanning, sEMG, and a Heart Rate Variability, to provide a detailed representation of your nervous system function.

Thermal Scanning is used to assess temperature variability along the spine. Temperature is used as an indicator for where stress is building up in your body and how it may be affecting the function of your organs, glands, and blood vessels.

sEMG (surface EMG) is used to assess the function of the muscles directly related to the movement of your spine via the nerves that run through them. This test focuses on assessing the amount of energy needed to maintain your posture in an upright sitting position, as well as how that energy is distributed throughout the spine side to side. Over time, daily stress can continue to overwork these muscles, causing them to lose their support and mobility. Increased or decreased muscle tone and ineffective muscle control are visible on these scan results. Muscle fatigue and poor energy distribution are signs of a person’s entire health being under stress.

Heart Rate Variability is used to assess your ability to adapt to the environment around you. For example, is your body caught in “fight or flight” due to emotional, physical, or chemical stress? Or is your body easily able to relax and adapt to stress appropriately? Adaptability to stress directly correlates to overall health outcomes, body ease, and the degree of central neural function.



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