Most people initially seek out Chiropractic care because of some sort of ongoing pain, symptom(s), or new injury.

At Ponoka Family Chiropractic we acknowledge that the relationship between your spine, nervous system, and body is critical for the restoration of optimal healing, function, and performance. 

More often than not, Chiropractic can help facilitate your body's ability to heal and provide temporarily relief in a relatively short amount of time to one's presenting concerns. 

Though, the nervous system is an organ system which learns patterns and habits, and more often than not the body will tend to default back to what it has been used to before, often leading to a relapse, or a returning of the pain and symptoms. 

One of the primary goals of our initial consultation is to reveal the underlying cause of one's symptoms and to provide an accurate, realistic care plan and options to help you resolve your concerns, reach your goals, and assist you live your life to your optimal potential!

acute + Relief care

The second visit at our office is the Report of Findings visit. During this visit the Chiropractor will review with you exactly what is going on with your presenting concern, how your nervous system is currently functioning,  how Chiropractic will help you, and provide you with an ideal strategy to not only provide relief but to correct the underlying cause of your concerns. 

Just like any bad habit(s) or pattern(s) we have in our lives that are less than ideal; retraining the nervous system to function properly with the body to create new spinal patterns and habits does take TIME, INVESTMENT, and REPITITION. 

Typically, depending on the person, it can take between a few to multiple months to achieve correction, depending on how long the concern and dysfunction has been going on for. 

Our Chiropractor will work with you to create and choose a customized plan to your situation so that you can achieve the greatest results and benefits from care as possible.

correction care


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